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Fri, 29th April 2022

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A warm welcome in Wallasey

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On Wednesday evening the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master of the Great Priory of Knights Templar, Paul Raymond Clement, G.C.T., was warmly received by the Brother Knights of Palestine Preceptory No. 217, in the Province of Cheshire and North Wales, to join them in celebrating their Centenary, an event that had been on the cards since 21 May 2021.

Also present were representatives from the Province and a good turnout from the Provincial Prior's Bodyguard, with some Knights making their debut.

The meeting was presided over by the Eminent Preceptor, E.Kt. Steve Parker, who happily offered the baton and chair of the Preceptory to the Grand Master upon his entry so that he could conduct the Centenary celebration.

This included a very interesting precis of the history of the Preceptory from E.Kt. Parker, which was expanded upon in the professionally produced history book which was presented to each Knight attending at dinner afterwards.

For those who haven't had the opportunity to enjoy a Centenary celebration, they involve quite a bit of choreography and the Knights of the Preceptory were put through their paces by their Provincial Chancellor, E.Kt Fraser Fowlie, Dep.Gt.Mar., who was on hand to run the evening in his capacity as the acting Great Marshal.

One of the charming features of the evening was to learn that the Preceptory had met at the same venue throughout its full one-hundred-year history and the Grand Master and Assistant Vice-Chancellor, both making their first visit to Wallasey, were very struck by the architectural features of the Hall.

The celebrations culminated in the presentation of the Centenary Warrant before the Grand Master handed the Preceptory back to the care of the Eminent Preceptor, who, in thanking him for his attendance, presented the Grand Master with a generous donation from the Preceptory to the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital.

At the dinner that followed there was a very pleasing buzz around the dining room as the Knights of the Preceptory and visitors enjoy the camaraderie typical of the Order, which has been so absent during the enforced separation during Covid restrictions.

Following the main course of Welsh Lamb, the Province of Cheshire and North Wales was further represented in the gifts presented to the distinguished guests, a brace of local cheeses, and accompaniments.

We wish Palestine Preceptory No. 2017 every success for the future and hope that in another hundred years’ time this special occasion gets a mention in the history presented then.

Pictures courtesy of E.Kt Fraser Fowlie, Dep.Gt.Mar.