The Malta Degree


 Meetings of this Order are held in a Priory and presided over by a Prior.

 The Priory is normally only opened either to receive new knights of the Order, or at the installation of the new Prior. This degree of Christian Knighthood recounts the history of the Knights of Malta and their long struggle against the unenlightened. It traces their progress from the time they left Jerusalem until they reached their final home on the island of Malta.

The attention of all candidates is drawn to the presence of five officers who assume the role of personal staff of the Grand Master, while the other officers represent the heads of the eight Langues or Tongues, into which the ancient Order was divided.

An explanation of the traditional history is given as the final part of the ceremony. The ritual has esoteric meaning and invites the candidate to reflect on the meaning of mystical resurrection.


         malta-robes.gif          Malta Tunic
Malta Mantle
Belt with Frog (as worn in KT)
Sword & Scabbard (as worn in KT)
Gloves/Gauntlets (as worn in KT or optional Malta ones)
Malta Cross Jewel


Changes on becoming a Prior

Prior’s Cap badge

Changes on Appointment as a Provincial Officer

Mantle Badge of Office

Changes on Appointment as a Great Officer

Mantle Badge of Office
Collarette and Jewel